HH 400


This Application Note describes various aspects of the USB interface for the Adaptus Imaging Technology family of bar code readers. Before using this document, you should understand the basic concepts of USB and other interfaces.


This document applies to the following USB-capable Adaptus Imaging Technology family of devices:
2020-5B 5080
3800i 5100
3800r 5180
4600g 5300
4800i 5380

Supported USB Interfaces

Keyboard emulation is for PC and Mac layouts. The keyboard emulation (keyboard wedge) is the simplest interface to use. Your application program does not need to know anything about reading bar codes. You can configure the reader to send certain keystrokes before and after the bar code to move the cursor to the right place. The actual bar code is sent by simulating a human typist.The price for this simplicity is speed (typical 10-15 mSec per character), and potential non-US keyboard layouts and character problems (it supports more than 70 countries and various code pages).See Keyboard Emulation beginning on page 1-2 for complete keyboard emulation information.

COM Port Emulation

COM port emulation is based on CDC class. If your application used regular COM ports in the past, COM port emulation is a good choice. In most cases, no code change is required in your application, although existing applications may not support hot plugging the COM ports.